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Figgy's Friends Pet Apparel

Gone Camping Dog Bandana

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Our lightweight mesh bandanas will keep your pet cool in the hot summer months and looking fabulous year round. 

When the temperature is hot outside simply soak the bandana in ice cold water, wring it out and tie around your pets neck. The lightweight fabric will remain cold as long as it is kept wet. We recommend having a cold water bottle with you if you will be outside in warmer weather for longer than 30 minutes.

Simply re-wet the bandana as needed.

One size fits most - 12 X 24 Inches triangular.

Hand Wash in cold water with mild detergent. Hang or Lay Flat to dry

Breathable mesh fabric is lightweight and comfortable to wear 

Fun Designs and Vibrant Colors will keep your pet looking fashionably fabulous all year long 

Stays cool when wet to help prevent overheating

Perfect for Brachycephalic Breeds